For Companies

Charity Vouchers are ideal gifts for staff, customers and suppliers. They are gift vouchers which enable people to make a donation to any one of thousands of UK charities that they choose.

Our standard vouchers come inside an attractive greetings card carrying messages like ‘Thank You’ or ‘Congratulations’ or with no pre-written message. We can also add a message of your choice to cards at no extra cost.

We also offer ‘e-vouchers’ which are emailed to the recipients, and ‘print-your-own’ vouchers which we email out. The purchaser can then print them out to give them to the recipients.

Uses for Charity Vouchers

There are a huge range of ways that companies use Charity Vouchers, here are a few examples:

  • as Christmas gifts for employees, customers and/or suppliers
  • as incentives for people taking part in market research interviews and surveys
  • to thank people for a piece of excellent work or great service
  • as part of employee reward schemes, perhaps as one option in a range of rewards that people can choose from
  • to say sorry to customers in the event of a complaint
  • to thank people on their retirement or for long service
  • as prizes in staff competitions
  • to thank people for contributions to in-house magazines

Some of the companies and organisations we have worked with include: GlaxoSmithKline (GSK), Visa Europe, Alliance & Leicester, Miller Insurance, Speciality Software, Atlas Interactive, The Smarty Train, KPMG, Allianz Insurance, Xentum Wealth Management, Woodrow-Universal, Simply Thank You, Society of British Gas Industries, Cardiff University, Navigator Blue, Oxfordshire County Council, Charterhouse Research Ltd, Sinclaire Ltd., Google, VisionCritical, Electrocomponents, Assenti & Noble, Triangle Design and Ipsos Mori.

“I would recommend offering charity vouchers as an excellent incentive for call centre staff. They let the recipient of the gift select a charity of their own choice, involving them in the donation. In my experience I have found that employees see this as a really rewarding incentive.” Kevin Stillwell, European Customer Service Director at Webloyalty International

We offer

  • A chance to show how your company is working to benefit the wider community
  • A perfect gift for organisations which are proud of their ethical approach to business
  • ‘Cause-neutral’; Charity Vouchers let people choose charities that mean a lot to them personally, rather than having to fit in with a single ‘top-down’ cause selected by the company as a whole.
  • Cost-effective: For printed cards/vouchers, you pay the face-value of the vouchers plus a fee of £1.50 per card/voucher, and a one-off £1.00 postage and packing fee. For our e-vouchers and printable vouchers the fee is simply £1.00 per voucher.
  • Free customisation; we can print your message and logo on the cards if required
  • Fast service; small orders will often be processed within one working day, larger orders may take up to ten working days (depending on customisation requirements).
  • No minimum order size
  • Vouchers available in any denominations from £15 upwards. (In some circumstances we can also provide £10 vouchers – please contact us for details).
  • Charities chosen get all 100% of the face-value of all redeemed vouchers
  • Vouchers are very easy for recipients to redeem, in whatever way suits them best. The quickest and easiest way is using our online redeeming facility. However, we also offer a Freepost service (a Freepost envelope is included with each posted voucher/card) and a Freephone number to make it easy to redeem vouchers by phone during office hours. Recipients can also send their voucher direct to their chosen charity if they prefer and the charity will then contact us to redeem it.
  • Monitoring voucher use for evaluation purposes is easy with our online voucher checker. In addition, we can produce management summaries on request. These show information such as which vouchers have been used and summaries of the charities chosen.

How can we help you?

Please contact us to discuss your needs or to ask for a free sample card and voucher.

“…we were looking for a refreshing change from our usual calendars, wine or whisky. We were a little bit concerned that our customers would be disappointed that their personal gifts had been replaced by something which allows someone else to benefit but they all took it in the Christmas spirit and the tokens were very well received. In addition, many companies are preventing or restricting the personal gifts that personnel can receive and the tokens enable you to still say an annual to your customers. … Throughout the process of enquiring and purchasing the tokens I found Anglia Giving to be extremely helpful and the service was very efficient. I can highly recommend them!”— Woodrow-Universal Limited